Angell Learning & Development offers international tuition with clients ranging from the UK, Germany, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia.


Angell Learning

Angell Learning & Development Ltd was created following a need to see children progress and attain their true potential in their academics. In realising the individual needs of every child…

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Entrance Exams Results – 2020

Selected/private schools either concentrate on all or some of these areas. Pending on which school(s) you are considering for your child, the relevant areas are studied. Click here to see list of offers for 2019-20 

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Empowering Learning

Providing gifted and struggling individuals with a new perspective on their learning experiences, empowering them to achieve what they thought would not be possible.

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Learning Difficulties

Tutoring Children with Learning Difficulties – Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Slight Autism, ADHD, Dyscalculia.

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english examiner

GCSE English Examiner

GCSE English Examiner

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Learning Gallery

Showing some of the learning games used to help children.

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“Here at Angell Learning & Development, I believe that my results speak for themselves.  I encourage you to bring your child and ‘Take the next steps to a better future – their future’.”


“Highly recommended for parents and children serious about academic excellence!”

“Monica is a super caring, efficient, compassionate and effective tutor. She is adaptive and works effectively with students of all levels and backgrounds. She always brings her focus and best efforts to the tutoring session and expects her student to do the same. With my daughter’s preparation for her 11+ exams, there was no room for error and Monica delivered! Highly recommended for parents and children serious about academic excellence! ”


“All to make learning fun and engaging!”

“Monica Angell is an exceptional tutor, understanding a child’s capabilities and supporting them to achieving their very best. Monica has been tutoring my son through the 11 plus examinations and has been nothing short of miraculous! At the outset, she very quickly established a good understanding of his strengths and areas of weakness and created an action plan for passing the 11 plus exams. She employed a variety of techniques including brain teaser games, puzzles, exercises and past papers……all to make learning fun and engaging! Monica spent a considerable amount of time focusing on English with my son, teaching him the fundamental principles of great story writing and guidance on completing comprehensions. She is a truly exceptional tutor, who brings her expertise as an examiner, her inimitable style and her boundless energy to every single lesson. It is a pleasure to recommend Monica, her methods of teaching and disciplines in developing the core foundation, get results! ”


“Helped me gain so much confidence…”

“Monica’s enthusiasm for the subject and practical, fresh approach helped me gain so much confidence in all aspects of my Spanish GCSE studies, particularly for the speaking part. She helped me acquire all the skills I needed to succeed in my exam – which I did! ”


“Such passion for her work”

“Monica gave us as a family great support and help. With such passion for her work, she always gave our son great support and confidence throughout.  We were so happy to have found her.”


“I went from strength to strength”

“I always struggled with English and was really worrying about my lack of good marks in the early parts of Year 10. I knew I needed a tutor and upon recommendation we found Monica. From there on out I went from strength to strength in English, eventually becoming one of the more advanced students in my year group. I received a grade 7 in English Language and a grade 7 in Literature. I never thought I could achieve this, and without Monica’s help and great communication skills I don’t think it would have been possible. I not only learnt skills for GCSE, but valuable skills such as planning techniques that I will be able to carry over into my ‘A’ level courses.”


“Monica was a great support to me”

“Monica was a great support to me during my GCSE Year she was able to provide me with a resource bank to help me with my revision,  I was able to lead the lesson to what I wanted to learn and Monica was there to support me. Often leading to decisions on topics I found challenging, often running over time until she knew I understood.”


“She became part of our family”

“Monica brought a wealth of resources to our son, enabling him to build a lovely relationship with her and be comfortable in explaining exactly what he needed.  The resources supported him through all of his revision and she became part of our family.  We left our son to lead the lessons as he knew what he needed and wanted.”


“Teach me effectively but also motivate me to achieve my best”

“Monica has done what no other teacher I had before could; helped me pass my maths GCSE.  In a matter of only a few weeks she was able to not only teach me effectively but also motivate me to achieve my best in not only maths but my other subjects as well. Her dedication is unique and deeply valuable and I would recommend her wholeheartedly. “

“Regaining my daughter’s confidence, and getting her back on track”

“I would recommend Monica 110%, what a lovely lady. We had Monica for about a year, because my daughter had a bad teacher in year 1, and I felt she was a bit behind, but not just that her confidence had gone too. Monica helped so much, regaining my daughter’s confidence, and getting her back on track, it wasn’t just about my daughter having her head in a book all the time, there were games Monica introduced which were fun ways to learn too. She definitely goes above and beyond in helping every way she can! “

“Providing positive encouragement and feedback”

“We used Monica Angell to provide additional tutoring for our daughter throughout Year 5, to prepare her for her 11+ and private school entrance exams in Year 6.  Monica gave us a well-defined syllabus very early in the process and was very clear about our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses.  She was always very enthusiastic, providing positive encouragement and feedback.

The lessons were varied – covering a range of topics across both Maths and English.  Monica’s approach, which we wholeheartedly agree with, is to ensure the children understand the concepts required – not just “teaching to the exam”.

There was a reasonable amount of homework between each lesson, but Monica made it clear that her students would get out what they put in.

Ultimately, our daughter got into the school we all wanted and we’re very grateful to Monica for her part in that.”

“Really fun holiday workshops”

“Monica is really nice, made sure that the lessons were fun and explained things well.  My favourite lessons were when she brought educational games for us to play.  She also held really fun holiday workshops.  The tutoring definitely helped and made a very big difference for my exams.”

“Monica is a knowledgeable, dedicated, patient”

“Our daughter only had a few months to prepare for her eleven plus exam because at the time she was studying abroad in a school with an American based curriculum.

We are so glad we discovered Monica, who has been a tremendous help in preparing our daughter for her eleven plus which she passed even at such short notice, considering that it was a distance-learning experience for us all, as all tutorials were done over the internet via Skype.

Monica is a knowledgeable, dedicated, patient, and child-friendly teacher who loves to teach and challenge kids to think outside the box. We also love the fact that she kept us the parents in the loop at all times. Our daughter had a great experience and as a result, we have now retained her services for our son who is equally excited.

We will definitely, recommend Monica’s services to any parent who wants their kids to perform excellently well in their studies.”


“We identified key areas to work on together”

“Monica has been absolutely brilliant with our son! She helped assess him for the 11+ process and was tremendously helpful and supportive in guiding us towards where to focus our efforts as we prepared for the examinations. We identified key areas to work on together.  Monica came to our house weekly, always taking the time to prepare ahead of time and also give very useful feedback and extra support when we needed it.

Monica is very fantastic around children and makes the sessions enjoyable for them. I cannot recommend Monica highly enough.

Our son was successfully accepted to St Albans Boys School and we are fantastically proud of his achievements.   Most importantly for him it was about understanding that with effort and commitment what he could achieve, and this is a big step forward for any child.”


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