My intention is to build up my students’ confidence in Maths, and to remove the uncertainty and fear around this subject. No Maths topic is considered too basic, so I encourage my students to be open in the areas they are not strong in, and together we work to strengthen their performance in them. I usually ask my students to provide me with the topics they’re covering during the academic term, therefore working in alignment with the National Curriculum. When my students show that they can manage work at a higher level, I actively encourage this. Mathematical learning games are also introduced into the lesson, to show that Maths can also be fun & to develop their recognition of number patterns, improve their knowledge & speed of the time tables, understand the mathematical operatives (+ , -, x, /). I use various Maths books which focus fully on the different mathematical areas, to ensure that my students fully understand the topics. I cover from Key Stage 1 (age 7) to Key Stage 4 (age 16).

We cover the basics to the complicated from:

  • prime numbers
  • factors
  • addition / subtraction / multiplication / division
  • fractions
  • algebra
  • probability
  • areas
  • perimeters
  • angles
  • volume
  • squared & cubed roots
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Trigonometry
  • Time, Distance & Speed
    & many more areas