English Language & Literature

Everything from English grammar, punctuation, sentence syntax, style of writing, vocabulary, similes, metaphors, themes to the reading & studying of literary works are undertaken during my tutoring sessions with my students. Whatever the English syllabus covers from the classics to modern works, all are studied & reviewed. In recognising that insufficient focus is given to grammar in schools, I work on providing my students with a greater understanding of how the English language works. Attention is given to the key areas of grammar. Where necessary, handwriting is worked upon, to ensure letters are correctly formed & ultimately lead to joined up writing.

Attention to spelling and the development of vocabulary is another important feature of my tuition sessions.

My students are actively encouraged to read so their level of English will be broadened & heightened. My intention is to develop my students’ writing skills, encourage them to interpret literary works, understand and explore the English language. The sessions are interactive.

I assist my younger students at Key Stage 2 (ages 7 – 11 years) to move from a basic, general style to start incorporating descriptive words, similes and metaphors. Creative writing also forms a key feature of these lessons, as students are encouraged to be imaginative, to develop and explore their ideas. I introduce literary learning games for Reading plays a fundamental part in the growth of a child’s vocabulary, creativity and ability to write. So I actively encourage them to frequently read.

At Key Stage 3, (ages 11 – 14 years) they are introduced to poetry at school. So I assist them in learning how to appreciate and understand poetry.

At Key Stage 4 (ages 14 – 16 years) GCSE preparations commence and I work through the set literary works – anthologies, plays, books – to ensure they have a firm comprehension of the subject area. Focus is also placed upon reviewing past examination papers & ensuring that students answer precisely what is asked of them.