French / Spanish

When learning a language, it is essential to get familiar with it as soon as possible. That is why I highly recommend & encourage my students to commence speaking it frequently, immediately and without aiming for perfection. Don’t be shy; mistakes will be made, and that is fine. What is of greater value is conversing in that language.

During my language sessions, I focus on the following areas:

  • I encourage my students to immerse themselves in the languages by regular reading of articles in either French or Spanish, to develop their pronunciation of words & work on their accents
  • We have frequent conversations on daily life in France & Spain, in the relevant language
    My students are encouraged to broaden & develop their vocabulary, by keeping notes of new words & use them in their written & oral work
  • Grammar is studied to ensure that my students understand the workings of the foreign language
  • Verbs (regular / irregular) & their tenses (present / past/ perfect / future / conditional / pluperfect / subjunctive) are frequently studied – all assisting the student to delve into the language and feel at ease with it
  • Translation from French or Spanish to English is undertaken & vice versa
    Listening comprehensions in either French or Spanish are regular features of the lesson

The internet, books & newspapers are often used during the tuition sessions.

¿A qué hora?
Me gusta
Muy bien
¿Qué tal?
España Viva
Por favour
¿Por qué?
Buenos diás
¡Felicitaciones! Bonjour
Au revoir
A bientôt
Qu’est-ce que/qui…?
Bon anniversaire!
Ça ne fait rien
Je crois que oui
S’il vous/te plaît