Angell Learning

Angell Learning & Development Ltd was created following a need to see children progress and attain their true potential in their academics. In realising the individual needs of every child, and understanding that they learn at a different rate and in different ways, its founder, Monica Angell wants to ensure that their educational needs are met.

Having over 15 years experience of mentoring and tutoring children and teenagers, the aim is to offer an academic service, which offers a relaxed environment for children, but also inspires them to reach for the sky in their personal educational achievements. Learning needs to be fun, learning needs to challenge, learning needs to inspire.

It is recognising that every child has a gift which should be nurtured and developed, that Angell Learning & Development Ltd was formed. Today, our achievements our high with our students attaining excellent results in their entrance exams, honouring both theirs and their parents’ dreams.

Academic learning tools form an essential part of the education, as we recognise that some children process information quicker through pictures, rather than merely working from a workbook. A wide array of learning materials is at hand, to reflect the educational needs and levels of our students. Investment is made in the most up to date materials, to ensure that we maintain our tutoring standards with our students, ensuring that every lesson is exciting, fun and educational.

Having studied children behaviour and development at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, it has been instrumental in providing guidance on how to work with my students. I encourage them to produce their best, I show them they can excel.

Tuition is offered in an environment that is conducive to a child’s learning, whether in a 1-1 or a small group setting.

Here at Angell Learning & Development, I believe that my results speak for themselves. I encourage you to bring your child and ‘Take the next steps to a better future – their future’.