Testimonial 1
Dear Monica, I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Dylan acquire the necessary skills to confidently sit the 11+ and your unfailing confidence in Dylan that he could not only sit the 11+ but achieve high enough results for entry into a very good school, you were right!! Without your guidance and patience I’m sure it may have been a different story. Dylan is now very excited about starting the next journey of his education in a school that he really wanted to go to.
I also wanted to say a big thank you for your continuing support in Dylan’s education helping him to move up one level in his SAT’s in a very short space of time.
Keep up the fantastic work and we look forward to enlisting your help again soon.
Parent – Julie Y

Testimonial 2
Monica has helped me with my BA (Hons) dissertation, and I must say I would not have had the confidence to have produced such a complex piece of work without her support. Not only does she enable those she tutors to learn and educate themselves, but provides that extra bit of care which allows personal growth as a student. Monica may have been contacted by myself in order to improve my grammar and writing style for my dissertation, but she has given much more than I ever would have expected from a tutor, certainly a lot more than I paid for!!!
Student – Heather S

Testimonial 3
Monica started teaching my 10 yr old son last Sept ‘11. I can clearly state that I am very pleased with my son’s progress so far. His reading, pronunciation of words and spelling has greatly improved. Monica’s number goal is for the betterment of my child and she has done just that. She is honest and will do what she says she will. Monica you are a God send. My aim is for my son to continue to be taught by her for as long as is required.
Parent – Judie R

Testimonial 4
I am writing to say we instructed Monica Angell as a Spanish Tutor for our 14yr old son back in September 2010. I am pleased to say he has improved greatly in this subject after receiving weekly support from Monica. I have had good feed-back from his school Spanish teacher and realise he no longer needs further support.
I would recommend Monica Angell’s services as a Spanish tutor; she was prompt and professional. In addition Monica was as great mentor for our son giving him advice about other subjects too and an overall improvement in his confidence.
Much Appreciation.
Parent – Julie M

Testimonial 5
“Our daughter was tutored by Monica in preparation for entrance exams into secondary school and not only did she provide all the essential academic tools that enabled her to take the exams with confidence, but also gave her fantastic moral and pastoral support. Monica is a dedicated, talented tutor who made a huge difference to Matilda. There is no higher accolade than a child who looks forward to extra lessons because they are fun, rewarding and stimulating!”
Parent – Jenni S

Testimonial 6
Monica Angell has proved herself to be dedicated and hard working. Monica successfully helps to improve, achieve and accomplish higher grades in my given subject area. She has made me her priority and has gone through tremendous efforts to do this.
Monica Angell has definitely helped with my education, and has shown me a new perspective of learning. She has made a very positive working environment, whilst giving me a most enjoyable view on all studied areas.
Student – Brandon B

Testimonial 7
Monica tutored my 10 year old daughter for 6 months for secondary school entrance exams. She developed a good working relationship with her, was always friendly and kept us informed of her progress and learning needs. My daughter went into the exams feeling confident in her abilities and performed very well. She achieved high marks in each exam and therefore we are confident she should get her first choice of school. Thanks Monica!
Parent – Sue B

Testimonial 8
Monica Angell has re-instated my son’s confidence in English and Maths. He is starting to change his view with regards to his work and is starting to respond well and will even work on his own now. He was never dreadful at either subject but started to become anxious with homework and in class. Monica has a lovely straightforward way of communicating with children, and we are glad that we have had him tutored, and think that this will stand him in good stead for secondary school next year. Thank you Monica for all your help; it’s greatly appreciated.
Parent – Julia S

Testimonial 9
Monica is a great tutor. She didn’t just help me educationally but emotionally as well because she showed great interest in my school work and my life as a whole. I’d give her 10/10 every time.
Student – Kwasi O

Testimonial 10
Monica tutors my year 8 son and is a true inspiration to children of all ages and abilities and the key to her success is being able to nurture and encourage the resilience of a child. My son had low self esteem and did not believe in his own ability but with the help of Monica, he has turned this attitude around both at home and school and is beginning to see success.

If you are looking for something special in a tutor that can reach out to your child, then Monica is that person. Kindness, enthusiasm and determination, along with many of her other skills make Monica perfect for her chosen profession and therefore i have no hesitation in highly recommending her.
Parent – Kim M

Testimonial 11
My daughter was having to sit an 11plus entry exam for her potential senior school. We found Monica who we had for around 3 months on a weekly basis. Monica had a very positive approach to my daughter and my daughter enjoyed the sessions she had with her. We truly believe without Monica’s help my daughter would not have done well as she did. My daughter successfully passed the test with flying colours and was offered a place at the school of our choice. My daughter was 1 of 20 children that was accepted out of over 200 that sat the exam. All thanks to Monica’s help.
Parent – Lorraine W

Testimonial 12
Monica was referred to me by a friend of mine. I can say thank God for the day I contacted her as she agreed to take on my son who is ten (10) years old. From the first time they met Monica was able to correctly assess him both academically and socially. After just a few weeks, I can see the difference in my son. He is serious with his work and has made great progress. I was delighted when he wrote his first story, and he was soon doing research for his project. He came home one day and said to me that he loves Algebra as he began doing it that day. He still continues his love of Algebra by making up equations and solving them where ever he goes. I look forward for future progress as it can only be positive.
Parent – Lydia L (proud mother)

Testimonial 13
I am delighted to provide this testimonial about Monica. We recruited Monica about 9 months ago to help our 10 and 7 years son with booster English Lessons and also to specifically prepare our older son for the 11+ exam. I can wholeheartedly confirm that Monica has delivered beyond expectation. Monica employs different strategies to engage the boys and bring out the best from them. The boys are always excited to be tutored by Monica and their progress in less than a year has been clearly evident. Recruiting Monica has been a worthwhile investment.
Parent – Stephen O

Testimonial 14
The ”beginning” to a calm and centered educational experience for my son Aidan, and the end of my frustration at him not attaining the levels he should be at for his age.
At the age of six, I realised that my son was not performing at the levels he should be for his age; mediocre at best. His writing was atrocious, his reading was non-existent and I was getting nowhere fast with his teachers. My son was slipping through the proverbial cracks.
Monica Angell to the rescue, literally!!!!!!!! I watched as she provided one-on-one tutoring to my son in his own environment, using her teaching methodologies to draw my son’s innate abilities out, nurture his reading, and provided me with guidelines on how to manage and assist his learning from where she left off at each session…….
Today my son is a happy confident eight year old who is performing above the national average for his age level. I am very satisfied. I am looking forward to bigger and better things.
Parent – Tamaala O

Testimonial 15
Having Monica as a tutor has been a fun and exciting journey. We had so much in common from the start and as well as helping me pass my exams she has a great personality and sense of humour, which made me look forward to her visits every week. She’s taught me loads of new and interesting techniques that I’ve never learnt at school before, which I like because I can show off to my friends!
Student – Tilly S

Testimonial 16
I have tried and tried but cannot put in to words what Monica means to my family. Our son Kwasi was preparing for the 11+ exams and was struggling, especially with non verbal reasoning. I did not know the way forward and was losing hope of getting him to that high level which is reqiured for the exams. As a results his confidence was low and he was fearful. By God’s grace we were introduced to Monica. With dedicated tuition and resources from her, he gained more knowledge and his confidence soared! Thanks to you he went into the examination room relaxed and ready. As a family, we appreciate the help given him in his preparation for the exams, the interest you took in his school work and life as a whole. We feel the tuition fees were monies well spent.
Parent – Lily O

Testimonial 17
We first contacted Monica during October 2012, after establishing that our son – attending year 6 at his local primary school – would be more suited to a balanced, though challenging academic environment. This meant Private schooling and facing the entrance examinations that are needed to attend these schools. At first, we were very apprehensive as we thought we had left it too late to offer our son the chance of shining through his future selective exams scheduled for January 2013. But after Monica met with our son and us, she calmly proceeded to reassure us that as long as our son played his active part in her homework and teaching methodology, in addition to his normal schooling homework, he could achieve his goal. We only had 2 ½ months and throughout this intense time Monica was available either in person for tutoring or over the phone to discuss our son’s performance with either us or him. Under the attentive, nurturing and steadfast weekly application of Monica’s technique, our son’s undertaking of maths, literacy, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning blossomed up to a point in which he felt confident to be able to attend his examinations. With unfounded apprehension, one month later we were extremely pleased to receive a letter that our son had passed his exam at Haileybury’s College, (Top 100 Independent School for A Levels – The Independent, Jan 2013) and was offered a place to study up until the age of 18. Throughout that quite stressful period – for us and especially our son – Monica’s presence and perseverance assisted greatly in channelling and organising a structured plan of lessons, which greatly assisted in spurring a strong confidence in our son, both as a student and personally too. She was always at the end of the phone no matter what time of day or night for all of us. We are very appreciative of Monica’s “personalised leadership approach”, and would not have any hesitation to recommend her to other parents.
Parent – Jacqui & Claudio B

Testimonial 18
Monica had an excellent ability to communicate with and teach Henry. She has a natural enthusiasm for teaching and Henry thrived during her lessons. Henry successfully passed his 7+ exams to be accepted into Bancroft’s School and Bishop’s Stortford College. Henry looked forward to his lessons with Monica each week and found them fun.
Parent – Sarah K

Testimonial 19
Have just got back from my daughter, Mikayla’s, Parents’ Evening and I have to say … I am truly gobsmacked!!! This is her first year at High School (Year 7) and even though she has always been a good and consistent student, even I wasn’t prepared for hearing how she is excelling in every single subject! The target grades that they set for Miks to achieve by the end of Year 7 have already been smashed and my girl is going for gold!! Miks has applied herself, is focussed and just gets on with it! Daddy and I are extremely proud of you Baby – you are a shining example to yourself, to us and the rest of the family. A HUGE THANK YOU to her first class Tutor and friend Monica Angell – our hard work is paying off.
Parent – Gayle E

Testimonial 20
Monica worked with my son, Jude – then aged 11, for [9 months – is that right?] helping him with preparation for aptitude tests for senior schools that we wished him to attend.  Monica was a pleasure to have in our house and gave fantastic support and advice to both me and Jude during this time.  With her strict attention to detail and kind encouragement Jude worked hard and flourished under her tutelage.  In addition to passing the aptitude tests that he took, getting into a school that we wanted and that he is well suited to, he advanced over one whole level in his SATS scores in Maths and English and adopted an organised and thorough approach to his work. I would recommend Monica to any parents considering tutoring help for school admissions for their children.
Parent – Jenny B

Testimonial 21
Monica tutored our son in preparation for his 11+ entrance exams in January 2015 for Haileybury and Bishop’s Stortford College. He was doing well at his current school; so my husband and I (both being high-achievers at school and university) thought that we ourselves would help him to prepare for the tests. However, despite considerable effort and time spent, by the end of summer prior to exams we realised that professional help is urgently needed to bring his English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning to necessary standard.
At first, our son was very much against having a tutor, as in his opinion “tutor” equals to boring lessons and masses of hard work. Masses of hard work he did get – we had only four month left, so weekly lessons had to be quite intense with considerable amount of daily homework – but the lessons were far from boring! He soon admitted that Monica was “fun to learn with” and “he thinks he actually likes to be taught by her”.

Monica is friendly, enthusiastic and approachable, and I felt she was genuinely interested in my child’s opinions and school matters, so he (and myself!) enjoyed chatting to her after the lessons. At the same time I would like to mention her first of all professional attitude, so happy chatting was not getting in the way of learning or taking a slice off tutoring time, work had to be completed first.
Monica found the ways to maintain our son’s focus, and applied the balanced level of pressure without getting him into panicking “this is too much, I cannot do this” mood.

She also taught him essential strategy how to plan his work and keep concentration and speed during the tests. For our child these organisational skills were no less important than the actual subject knowledge, as at the beginning he could easily miss subtleties of a question by not reading it properly, do the tasks but not in the time set, spend too much time on a question and then run short on time for the rest of the paper and panic.

Monica used a variety of practice materials during lessons, including real (quite hard, in my opinion) past exam papers, and set high standard for the answers. She always recognised and praised our son’s real effort, but when he tried a couple of times to cut corners while doing homework, she was very firm and clear the tasks had to be re-done properly.
After the tests our son said that once he realised that many questions were similar or easier than what he practiced with Monica, he felt confident and well prepared, and “almost not nervous”.

He did very well at the exams, was offered a place in both schools, and got an academic scholarship in Haileybury, which was our preferred option. We are naturally delighted with this result and genuinely think that without Monica’s tutoring he would not have achieved it.
Parent – Katya T

Testimonial 22
When my mum and dad told me that I was getting a tutor to prepare me for my 11+ exams, I was not happy. I did not want Monica to tutor me, even though she was recommended by my school friend. However, I was surprised when I first met Monica, as she was not the person I imagined she would be. Yes, she did give me lots of work, but she brought fun to every lesson, which made me look forward to her weekly visits. I also liked when we had lessons via Skype.
Monica pushed me very far academically in the few month we had to prepare. Many questions and tasks that I got at the exams were like the ones we had covered, and some were easier!
Student – Demyan H

Testimonial 23
Our son was preparing for selection tests for two local schools and Monica was recommended to us from a friend. Ben was supported, encouraged and stretched throughout the time that Mons worked with him and her sense of humor kept him smiling even when the difficulty levels rose and the workload intensified. Ben’s results exceeded our high expectations and her tuition complimented his Year 6 Maths and English curriculum.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Monica to other families.
Parents – Z & G Floyd

Testimonial 24
The tuition was amazing. My knowledge grew a lot deeper while having my fantastic lessons. I would recommend Monica’s tuition to everyone as I found her support invaluable. The sessions covered every topic needed for my 11+ exam and, thanks to Mons, I did well. Also, she helped me develop my skills on subjects that I once loathed, but I now love. Unfortunately, I may not have the privilege to have her tuition again, but I hope that others will have the great opportunity of being tutored by Mons. Thank you so much!
Student – Ben F

Testimonial 25
Our 11+ adventure started almost two years ago.  Our options at the time were quite stark, a very low achieving catchment school and truly outstanding grammar and private schools which were however super selective.  Our starting point was a boy who we felt was capable, motivated and hardworking but who definitely required preparation.

Monica not only tutored our son for the exams but was also able to maintain his enthusiasm, teach useful exam techniques and provide the necessary discipline.  She quickly established a rapport with our son enabling her to determine his strengths and weaknesses. Then, in a systematic way, created a structured programme which included not only exam practice but real teaching as well; a very important factor for us personally.  Her schedule ensured our son was prepared as best as possible in time for his exams (six schools in total with many different formats).

Monica also organised and led some excellent workshops which further demonstrated her passion for teaching.  So, what was the outcome!?  Our son did well in all his exams, received several offers and will be taking a position at Queen Elizabeth’s Boys School in Barnet this September.  Thank you Monica, we’ll be back for son number two!
Parents – R & R Patel

Testimonial 26
We finally found Monica after feeling less than impressed by another tutor. We wanted someone who could tutor our daughter, one to one, who came to our home and who made learning fun and interesting, as well as successful. We got all of these things in Monica. Our daughter felt comfortable and happy during the sessions and felt able to ask questions and make mistakes without stress and worry while preparing for the 11+ and entrance exams. She received two offers from top schools. We highly recommend Monica.
Parent – Cheryl E-B

Testimonial 27
I really enjoyed my lessons with Monica. She was fun and she made me feel comfortable and relaxed while we worked. I was never afraid to get things wrong and when I did she encouraged me to try again another way. With Monica’s help I managed to finally understand decimals and fractions and was able to get into the schools I wanted and because I was well prepared I didn’t find it stressful.
Student – Amelie E-B

Testimonial 28
Really happy with Gabriella’s progress that she’s making with her tutor . Her tutor is amazing I’ve never known anyone to be so passionate about her work like she is. Monica has helped Gabriella so much in such a short time I couldn’t be any more proud of Gabriella than I already am.
Parent – Lisa S

Testimonial 29
I would like to thank Monica on her fantastic work with my daughter in passing selective tests for secondary schools with flying colours (which took away the long wait for confirmation of school placement) Monica has fantastic rapport with her students and picks up on the areas where help is most needed, she is has a style that develops the student’s confidence to improve in these areas but also to take on new topics in their stride during their studies, which benefits in the long term.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Monica for anyone seeking to improve their children’s confidence and ability to achieve excellent results. I will certainly be asking for Monica’s help with my younger child!
Parent – Heena L

Testimonial 30
Monica provided tuition for our daughter in preparation for her 7+ examinations. Monica demonstrated key attributes which distinguished her from tutors we had previously tried.

She has a very strong motivational character which worked positively with our daughter. She also has a wealth of educational tools which we had not seen other tutors use.

Her knowledge of the whole 7+ process was invaluable to us and she guided us successfully through the whole process.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to other parents who are seeking a tutor who will motivate, challenge and inspire their child.
Parent – Alistair F

Testimonial 31
Our daughter worked with Monica for the majority of year 5, primarily focusing on preparation for entrance exams, but also to improve confidence. I watched as Monica built a rapport with my daughter, understanding when to stretch her, when to make her laugh and when she needed a break. My daughter always looked forward to the lessons and appreciated Monica’s support during a time that can be stressful. I am truly grateful to Monica for the impact she had, my daughter was offered a place in our chosen school.
Parent – Ruth M

Testimonial 32
Monica has really helped me with my preparation for the 11+.   I have learnt a tremendous amount in my lessons as well as having fun during them. Monica also takes an interest in your other achievements and really motivates you. Thanks to her I have passed the entrance exam for my preferred school.
Student – Alyssa M

Testimonial 33
My friend introduced me to Monica as I was concerned about my daughter’s year 6 SAT considering the change in syllables and my daughter was nervous about her English. Monica did a crash programme with her and just after the first lesson, her confidence grew and anxiety level reduced. By the end of her lessons with Monica, she was looking forward to her SAT exam as Monica taught her the techniques required to answer the questions. Her SAT result is now out and she did extremely well, scoring over 100 in all the subjects which is required to be achieving standards at her level so she goes into secondary school already at the top. Based on this result, I’ve also indulged Monica’s services for my younger daughter and would recommend her to any parents who like me are concerned about their kids’ performance in school.
Parent – Ada O

Testimonial 34
At first I was nervous about achieving the national standard in my SATs exam then my mum told me that Monica could help me and she really did help me. She taught me how to answer the questions, by the time I finished my lessons with her I started to feel very confident on taking the exam. Guess what, I did very well in my SATs!!!
Student – Chidera O

Testimonial 35
Monica has been fantastic; she has helped my son so much. She really understands the individual child and helps them to achieve the highest standard. After a year’s tutoring with Monica, my son passed three entrance exams with flying colours. The high marks that Monica tutored my son to achieve led to a bursary offer at a private school and acceptance to two other excellent state schools. I have recommended Monica to lots of others and would always recommend her service.
Parent – Terry P

Testimonial 36
Sonia really enjoyed her lessons with Monica as they always had a lot of fun. It was not just fun though but lots of hard work too – using materials and assignments from different ranges of books and focusing on different skills and areas of knowledge. What we also really liked is that apart from individual lessons, there were thematic workshops run during school holidays. These provided an additional way of learning – in a small group and benefitting from interactions with other children. In the end, Sonia will be going to her first-choice school and we are really grateful to Monica for helping her to do so well in her exams.
Parents – G & S

Testimonial 37
Monica taught our 7 year old daughter over a period of months, identifying gaps in her knowledge and concentrated on these to bring her up to the standard of her peers. Monica did this in an engaging manner and my daughter very much looked forward to Monica’s weekly classes.
Parents – D & T

Testimonial 38
Monica Angell has helped my son fulfil his potential of gaining a scholarship award to an elite private school.
Under the tutelage of Monica he has gained confidence and acquired skills that shall benefit his future.  It was a challenging journey filled with tears and laughter.
Parent – Sheila M

Testimonial 39
I have to say in the short time I had Monica as a tutor for my daughter who was doing her 11 plus. Monica did wonders for my daughter as she gained the skills and confidence for her 11 plus.  This resulted in her receiving many offers from private secondary schools. Just wish I had found her earlier.
Parent – Daniela S

Testimonial 40
I found Spanish as one of my hardest subjects and ended up receiving an A in my exam. I found my lessons with Monica very helpful, as there were interactive activities as well as written tasks.  My confidence in the subject increased and I am very pleased with my grade. Student – Rimsha P