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Angell Learning & Development Ltd was created following a need to see children progress and attain their true potential in their academics. In realising the individual needs of every child…

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Entrance Exams

Selected/private schools either concentrate on all or some of these areas. Pending on which school(s) you are considering for your child, the relevant areas are studied.

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Learning Gallery

Showing some of the learning games used to help children with spatial awareness, non-verbal reasoning, literacy, spelling and mathematics. These games help to develop their observation skills, problem solving…

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“Here at Angell Learning & Development, I believe that my results speak for themselves. I encourage you to bring your child and ‘Take the next steps to a better future – their future’.”


“Dear Monica, I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Dylan acquire the necessary skills to confidently sit the 11+ and your unfailing confidence in Dylan that he could not only sit the 11+ but achieve high enough results for entry into a very good school, you were right!! Without your guidance and patience I’m sure it may have been a different story. Dylan is now very excited about starting the next journey of his education in a school that he really wanted to go to.
I also wanted to say a big thank you for your continuing support in Dylan’s education helping him to move up one level in his SAT’s in a very short space of time.
Keep up the fantastic work and we look forward to enlisting your help again soon.”
“Monica has helped me with my BA (Hons) dissertation, and I must say I would not have had the confidence to have produced such a complex piece of work without her support. Not only does she enable those she tutors to learn and educate themselves, but provides that extra bit of care which allows personal growth as a student. Monica may have been contacted by myself in order to improve my grammar and writing style for my dissertation, but she has given much more than I ever would have expected from a tutor, certainly a lot more than I paid for!!!”
“Monica started teaching my 10 yr old son last Sept ‘11. I can clearly state that I am very pleased with my son’s progress so far. His reading, pronunciation of words and spelling has greatly improved. Monica’s number goal is for the betterment of my child and she has done just that. She is honest and will do what she says she will. Monica you are a God send. My aim is for my son to continue to be taught by her for as long as is required.”
“I am writing to say we instructed Monica Angell as a Spanish Tutor for our 14yr old son back in September 2010. I am pleased to say he has improved greatly in this subject after receiving weekly support from Monica. I have had good feed-back from his school Spanish teacher and realise he no longer needs further support.
I would recommend Monica Angell’s services as a Spanish tutor; she was prompt and professional. In addition Monica was as great mentor for our son giving him advice about other subjects too and an overall improvement in his confidence. Much Appreciation.
“Our daughter was tutored by Monica in preparation for entrance exams into secondary school and not only did she provide all the essential academic tools that enabled her to take the exams with confidence, but also gave her fantastic moral and pastoral support. Monica is a dedicated, talented tutor who made a huge difference to Matilda. There is no higher accolade than a child who looks forward to extra lessons because they are fun, rewarding and stimulating!”
“Monica Angell has proved herself to be dedicated and hard working. Monica successfully helps to improve, achieve and accomplish higher grades in my given subject area. She has made me her priority and has gone through tremendous efforts to do this.
Monica Angell has definitely helped with my education, and has shown me a new perspective of learning. She has made a very positive working environment, whilst giving me a most enjoyable view on all studied areas.
Monica tutored my 10 year old daughter for 6 months for secondary school entrance exams. She developed a good working relationship with her, was always friendly and kept us informed of her progress and learning needs. My daughter went into the exams feeling confident in her abilities and performed very well. She achieved high marks in each exam and therefore we are confident she should get her first choice of school. Thanks Monica!

Monica Angell has re-instated my son’s confidence in English and Maths. He is starting to change his view with regards to his work and is starting to respond well and will even work on his own now. He was never dreadful at either subject but started to become anxious with homework and in class. Monica has a lovely straightforward way of communicating with children, and we are glad that we have had him tutored, and think that this will stand him in good stead for secondary school next year. Thank you Monica for all your help; it’s greatly appreciated.

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